Busy making lemonade

…metaphorically, of course.  Since being laid-off, I’ve been using my time to ‘make lemonade’ out of this bushel of lemons.  Aside from jobhunting, I’ve been spending ample amounts of time outside, appreciating every whiff of fresh air.  I’ve also been sketching more, in an effort to find that illustrating style I’m looking for…

Glassblowing09In a completely different creative endeavor – I decided to take a 2-hour “Experience” class at East Falls Glassworks in Philadelphia.  I’ve always been fascinated by glass, and watching people work with it is nothing short of mesmorizing for me.  So – I’ve decided to make the best of my free time, and try glassblowing.  About 3 years ago, I had a 6-hour lesson on flamework down in Virginia, and I made a small pendant.  This time, I got to make a paperweight and a hollow sphere (I’ve uploaded some pics to Flickr).  After my lesson, I hung out and just watched others create all types of things.  It was awesome – I’ll definitely be going back.

I realize this isn’t a typical sandbox item – but I figured it was something creative that I wanted to share :)


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